Taking the Suzuki Intruder for a ride

So I find myself rolling along peacefully, thinking about various things that I like to pretend I think of, when my train of thought is derailed by the first bumpy patch that comes our way. ‘What is this?! Isn’t it supposed to be a lavishly sprung cruiser?!’ On flat surfaces, the M800 is impeccable, but then, even a trampoline looks incapable of sending you into orbit until you jump on it. The sporty-looking front forks and the invisible rear shock seem to be competing to see which can jar you more.

In my case, the rear wins, hands down. I can’t even stand on those forward-set footpegs to prevent the shocks from reaching my spine. ‘Grin and bear it,’ I think to myself, passing over a never-ending rumble strip, although no one’s ever seen a face reflecting mirth on a bucking bronco.