Taking the Suzuki Intruder for a ride

However, even though the Intruder perpetrates a B&E on your backside, stealing all sensation, leaving it numb, the V-twin engine suddenly becomes your masseuse, sending friendly vibes through the comfortable seat, assuaging your discomfort to some extent. V-twins around the world have vibes because their makers can’t keep them out. The Japs, on the other hand, could probably build a 3000cc V-twin and make it run as smooth as an Access. Even as I’m thinking this, I find myself hounded by another 800cc Suzuki – an Alto. I twist the throttle and imagine the look on their faces. Never mind the un-three digit power output – the M800 still does 170kph.

And finally, Japanese cruisers work and run almost endlessly, without much attention. The fact that the Japs can make an 1800cc V-twin – each cylinder displacing 900cc (that’s more than three cylinders worth of pesky Altos) – and make it work as reliably as reason is, I imagine, cause for much lost sleep in Milwaukee... oops, gave it away there, didn’t I?