Taking the Suzuki Intruder for a ride

I won’t deny that the Intruder grew on me. And given that it’s not loud or particularly fast, that’s saying something. I liked the fact that riding it the way it’s meant to be ridden returned an economical 26kpl. I also like that although the engine does get hot, it surprisingly never gets uncomfortable. It manages to mix it up with city traffic and I can’t think of a better boulevard cruiser, and incidentally, it’s even called the Boulevard in Europe.

Me, I belong in the wind – head first, of course. But a word of advice for the long-and-low fans among you – I won’t say the H-word, but if you can’t find your way around a toolbox or can’t stand to be associated with something that comes from the land of George Bush, you’d be much better off with the Suzuki.