Tata Safari Storme: Extreme makeover

Let me start with a bit of TopGear trivia about the Safari. In this big wide world, our road test editor is one of the few lucky to have access to some of the quickest and best vehicles money can buy. Obviously, you expect him to own something just as cool.

Well, he drives a Safari. Practically every day. It’s not in great shape – goes to the garage every month – and it drives with the gusto of a fully laden Tata truck. Still, never in his wildest dreams does he plan to sell it. Because despite the erratic behaviour his Tata subjects him to, he still feels invincible behind the wheel.

Surprisingly, that’s the same feeling I got when I climbed into the new Safari. You sit high with a bird’s-eye view of drivers of cars around you looking up to you. It makes substantial noise and has enough visual presence to part the sea of traffic in a way that would make Moses proud. Invincibility seems inbuilt.