Tata Safari Storme: Extreme makeover

The interior is still spacious. The large glass area adds to the airy effect. There are proper seats for five with two more jump seats where the third row would normally be. I think that’s sensible because too cramped a front-facing third row would anyway be useless. Nevertheless, the jump seats are best for shorter trips. This car is perfect for five and there’s enough loading space with the jump seats folded.

Surprisingly, plastic fit-and-finish is quite good. The leather-wrapped seats and steering wheel feel plush. The instrument cluster and other displays are standard, but the centre console looks incomplete, with a simple three-dial air-con control and single-DIN music system. It’s quit like the one already available in the Safari, although this Alpine system comes with Bluetooth telephony. Interestingly though, we drove two different Safari Stormes and in both cars, the Bluetooth system didn’t work properly.