Tata Safari Storme: Extreme makeover

While the Dicor unit was a mighty upgrade over the earlier diesel tech that Tata used, for the Safari,
the engineers went and upgraded it. In the Storme, it’s called a 140 Varicor. The power and torque figures remain unchanged but it’s been tuned for efficiency. Tata claims 14kpl in two-wheel drive mode now, up from 13.2. The latter is now in 4WD mode.

Still, performance is considerably better now. The switch to the Aria platform and other cost-cutting measures have meant the Storme is a sizeable 650kg lighter than the outgoing model, Even the 4WD system has been trimmed and now adds only 95kg to the car instead of the 130 it did earlier. You notice the difference when you need to power down the highway. It’s not fleet-footed but get it past the 1500rpm mark and all 320Nm of torque rush to propel the Safari in earnest. And that earnestness is seen in braking too, thanks to the ventilated discs all-around compared to the rear drums earlier.