Tata Safari Storme: Extreme makeover

Driving the Storme is a bit of a mixed feeling, though. Off-road, it feels rather invincible, on-road, it seems happy doing mundane speeds. But it doesn’t like being thrown around – rather, you can’t throw it around like you can the Aria – thanks to the Storme’s high centre of gravity.

You can still live with that but cabin insulation has to be better. The biggest intrusion once you get past the three-digit speed mark is noise from the engine bay. On a long journey, which you might really want to do in an SUV, that drone can be irksome.

The Storme will be available in three variants – LX, EX and VX – with the latter available in 4x4. Tata has done away with the GX variant it launched two years ago, and along with it, some good features too, like a proper reversing camera.

There seems to be a clear intent to position the Safari as a proper off-roader that you can also use on-road, rather than the other way round. A fresh approach, and while the Storme doesn’t feel a few notches higher than its predece-ssor, it still makes for a practical, comfortable SUV that’s great off-road too. That, and the sense of invincibility are still its USPs. And like our road test editor, if that’s what you want, this makeover is just what the doctor ordered.

(Words: Girish Karkera, Photos: Hashim Badani)