TG chats to Bruce Willis*

"Basically, we were about a month into filming," he says, in such a laid-back Californian drawl you wonder if he's adrenaline deficient, "and we were back in Los Angeles doing what we would call a ‘nothing' stunt: a simple, easy night.

"I was just going to be running down a couple of levels of a fire escape, transfer to a ladder on the building, and then climb the rest of the way down to the ground. Somewhere in that transition - I have no memory of it - I must have slipped. Something went wrong, and I fell 25 to 27 feet head first into the street. No, scratch that, I fell face first. I apparently got my hands out in front of me to break the fall, because afterwards I had compound fractures on both wrists, and the right side of my face was pretty much destroyed."