TG drives the Audi RS5

Audi are turning out to be outright liars. The last time we drove an RS5, in July 2011, we were expecting the thing to stop accelerating at the German gentleman’s limit of 250kph. But it went to 275. For the new RS5, I have it on paper from Audi that the car is limited to 250kph. Guess what? We again caught it flirting with 280. And they say the Germans lack humour. So with the top speed setting the pace for things, allow me to introduce you to the new RS5.

In fact, a refresh would be more like it. Mechanically, the 2013 RS5 has nothing different from the 2011 RS5 – yeah, it just feels nice to keep saying RS5 repeatedly. Anyway, so it has the same 4.2-litre naturally-aspirated V8 petrol. And despite the new R8 V8 now developing 424bhp, the RS5 continues putting its mid-engine supercar cousin in those I-don’t-know-where-to-look situations at family gatherings.