TG drives the Audi RS5

What’s new are the looks – headlights, grille, tail lights and bumpers. Which is nothing much. But there are two reasons why we have lavished eight pages on the RS5. One, it has a Launch Control system.  With ordinary petrol, the Launch Control gets the car to 100kph in 5.07 seconds – a considerable jump from the 5.32 seconds the earlier RS5 took. We reckon that with 97 octane, this might actually get to the claimed 4.5 seconds to 100. And second, to give you and our own selves some perspective on where it stands with the current lot of high-performance cars.

You see, when we first drove the RS5, we fell in love with it and thought it worthy of being TopGear’s car of 2011. Since then, we have driven the Maserati GranTurismo, the Ferrari FF, Merc’s E-Coupe, Jaguar’s XK-R and XKR-S, Porsche’s 911 and Bentley’s Continental V8 and W12. All of them, like the RS5, are two door, 2+2 cars. In the face of such fine machinery, does the RS5 hold its ground? Did we get carried away by the first RS5 because we didn’t know any better?