TG drives the VW XL1 in London

So it goes, all day. As a scaled-down supercar the XL1 obviously entices petrol-heads, but not just them. Geeks go for it - maybe to them it's a scaled-up computer mouse. It manages to be entirely non-threatening, so even as we short-cut through Clerkenwell, hipster motherlode of the fixie bicycle, where decadent internal combustion is frowned upon, it gets smiles. Tourist kids in Parliament Square go ape for it. Gorgeous summer-dressed women too. That never happens with supercars, not outside Italy anyway. At one point I get back in and move off, and we overhear someone say, "I can't believe that's just someone's car." Yup, it looks like some static exhibit, not something with number plates that comes out of a car dealer.