TG on ice: BMW i8 from the UK to Sweden

A crisp seven-degree chill greets me as I pocket my Oyster card and exit the tube in west London. I'm making the most of it. I've just completed the first tiny hop in a mammoth 2,400-kilometre journey, and the destination will be a tad parkier than seven Celsius. The plan is to drive the BMW i8 from to Kall in the Swedish midlands, and rendezvous in icy Scandinavia with a smörgåsbord of cars. Clearly an undertaking that requires considered preparation, so I've topped up with super-unleaded and charged the i8 overnight. Winter tyres are fitted; a cursory kick confirms the Bridgestone Blizzaks are inflated. Yesterday, I even took the i8 to the car wash - worth 2kpl at least.

Photographer Rowan is already fussing around the i8 when I arrive with the prescribed squashy bag rammed full of zip-and-popper-festooned clothing. The first hurdle is cramming our kit into a mid-engined 2+2 that's built around a space-swallowing carbon tub. Rowan's bag and the charging cable fill the i8's 154-litre boot. His camera gear piles onto the jump seats fore of the tuned 228bhp Mini engine. Mercifully, it doesn't restrict the already patchy visibility. Despite appearing to have the height/length ratio of a B2 Stealth, the i8 stands 13cm taller than a Lambo Huracán. With my worldly possessions pinned between the headlining and a slim seat's backrest, we tug the impossibly cool butterfly doors downward and depart.