TG rides the Triumph Speed Triple

The origin of the Speed nameplate can be traced back to an era long forgone. But that’s not to say that it doesn’t fit right in the 21st century. The pace at which we live our lives today is nothing less than supersonic. Your Facebook updates reach people faster than your travel from office to home. What is trending today might be passé tomorrow. This new world we live in is quite a paradox. And just to keep up with the madness that we call life, we are always in need for more speed.

The Speed Triple might share the same name as the Speed Twin, but they are poles apart. While the old bike might have been dipped in chromium with a shiny new paintjob, the new bike has a matt finish without a single bit of chrome. The Triple’s design is unconventional in every way possible. The bug-eyed headlights may take some getting used to, but the floating speed screen and the under seat exhaust give the Triple a space-age look. Every panel on the bike gives off the impression that it has been designed keeping solely one thing in mind – speed.