TG Speed Week: The Sports Cars

The location is a hotel bar; it's the night before the day after; TG's 2012 Speed Week is consuming us, to the extent that any football that might happen to be on is being roundly ignored.

Pockets of TG personnel are deep in thought. Paul Horrell and I - the increasingly curmudgeonly Statler and Waldorf of the TG parish - are warming to a theme which will dominate this year's event: why do so many fast cars these days only come alive when you're peering into the chasm of insanity? It could be down to modern rubberwear or chassis electronics, or the lingering suspicion that when it comes to marketing an expensive car, more is always more, and rarely less. Whatever the reason, the true meaning of fun is in danger of being lost in a blur of unfeasible lateral g and pointless pub boasts.