TG Speed Week: The Sports Cars

And the Audi TT RS Plus? If fun is the watchword of this year's Speed Week, then I'm afraid it's an early bath for Audi's ageing coupe (pricey too). But let's start with the good bits. It's fast as hell, has a lovely engine that's torque-rich and turbo-woofly, and the TT generally channels the spirit and soundtrack of classic Group B rally quattros like some oily shaman. If only it were a bit more like a junior R8 in handling finesse. Unlike the Porsche and Lotus, there's really not much to this super-TT beyond its blistering pace and eternally impressive seven-speed dual-shift 'box. Two fine commodities, admittedly, but where the Porsche and Lotus - and GT86, for that matter - dart and dance and offer you endless permutations from their big, tasty menu of fun - at non-insane speeds, I might add - the TT is a bit po-faced and prescriptive. Let's put it this way: at Dunsfold, I did three laps then parked it, and where a (disorderly) queue tended to form behind most of the other attendees, the little Audi was overlooked.

Still a great car, of course. Just not great enough in this company.

(Words: Jason Barlow, Pics: James Lipman)