TG Top 5: Fun bikes you can buy for Rs 1 lakh or less

No.2: Hero Impulse

Hero is usually associated with ‘fill it, shut it, forget it’ bikes. So it was a real surprise when the company, which is obsessed with fuel efficiency, went right ahead and gave us our first on-off road bike.

The motocross-style seating position, raised suspension and minimalistic body panels kept weight low and fun factor high. The high ground clearance not only comes handy during off-roading, but also when you have to ride on pothole-ridden roads in the city. 
Though the Impulse might be completely unlike any other bike sold in India, Hero could have given it a bigger engine as the 1-cyl 149cc 13bhp motor does feel out of power when pushed to its limits.

But still, its off-road credentials and being the first and only bike sold in its segment does help it fetch second spot on our list. Just that it loses out in the power game, something the next bike has by the bucketloads. 

The numbers
1-cyl, 149cc, 13bhp

The cost
Rs 83,000 (on-road, Mumbai)

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