TG Top 5: Fun bikes you can buy for Rs 1 lakh or less

No.1: Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS

Well, lets just say no one is surprised to see the Pulsar at the top. After all, it’s a bike that has been at the forefront of enthusiast biking in our country since the time it was introduced in 2003.

The Pulsar has come a long way since then, and now in its second generation, it is the most modern-looking of the lot. The bikini-fairing upfront look stunning, while in profile, the bike is unmistakably a Pulsar.

It’s got loads of power too. The 1-cyl, 200cc, 23bhp motor sees to it that you stay ahead of the pack every time you twist the throttle. The bike feels nimble around corners but we suggest you change those stock tyres for better grip.

Apart from the the stock rubber, there is not much to complain about the NS 200 as it ticks all the right boxes as far as power and performance go. And then it comes at a bargain price of Rs 1 lakh, which makes it all the more tempting.

The numbers
1-cyl, 200cc, 23bhp

The cost
Rs 1 lakh (on-road, Mumbai)

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(Words: Abhinav Mishra)