TG's big Jaguar I-Pace test part 1: how does it drive?

Car chat. It’s right up there with football banter for immediate alienation of anyone who doesn’t know a double-clutch from a 4-3-3. But something is occurring. I’ve spent two days with the I-Pace and everyone – and I do mean everyone – has a question or five, strident opinions on the charging infrastructure and, judging by the battered Micra they’re driving, no previous interest in combustion-engined cars. Frankly, it’s exhausting, but also a fascinating social shift – the electric car hasn’t yet become personal transport for the masses, but it is mobilising their minds. In a world obsessed with food Deliverooed to your doorstep, cheap taxis at your fingertips and the world’s music library in your earbuds – convenience above all else – the electric car is a chewy one. The environmental benefits are obvious – you can see them not spewing out of the tailpipe - but owning, charging and planning your life around one is a chore we could all do without. One step forward, two steps back. Hence the hullabaloo.