TG's big Jaguar I-Pace test part 4: can it win over petrolheads?

Uh-oh. There are plenty of folks here who want their own back. See, electric cars have been taking the mickey a bit when it comes to drag races. Particularly since Tesla went Ludicrous, the trope of taking a battery-powered saloon to a drag strip and annihilating a fuel-swigging supercar has become a well-worn internet furrow. Today could be payback. The Jaguar I-Pace is by no means the quickest EV on sale, and petrolheads smell blood.

Even if an EV makes sense financially and practically, can it culturally win hearts as well as minds? That’s why the I-Pace finds itself glue-tacked to Santa Pod’s Pro Peak Performance start line. How do folks with metaphorical petrol in their veins and literal ethanol up their nostrils take to a battery-powered imposter in their world of V8s, nitrous, and exhaust pipe volcanoes?