TG's big Jaguar I-Pace test part 5: how far can it actually go?

The silence is ominous. I’ve just told a senior I-Pace engineer what I’m about to do with his car. I was hoping for encouraging noises and handy hints. Instead, dead air. Then, at length, “The WLTP is just a lab test, you know…” and a series of mumbled qualifications and excuses-in-advance about how real driving can use far more energy. His heavy implication is that to set out on a real trip the same length as the quoted range is a fool’s errand that’ll inevitably leave me stranded. Which pops my balloon good and proper. London to Land’s End on a charge – how great would that have been? The WLTP range (Worldwide harmonised Light-vehicle Test Procedure) of the I-Pace is 477km. That journey is 465km. We’ve known for years your actual results would never be anywhere near the old and discredited NEDC test. The new WLTP is supposed to be more realistic and attainable. Er, but not, says my Jaguar man, that attainable.