The Ferrari F12 versus... a train

DR: Ah. I appear to have been vanquished. But, yes, the train is still the thing to have. It might have lost some of its old glory, but this Sleeper still does a proper job. If nothing else, it's a very productive way of going to bed. Nod off here, wake up there. All for a trivial amount of money for a first-class ticket. In a world of driverless pods and charmless airports, it's a uniquely old-fashioned way to travel. Mind you, you could say the same thing about the F12. Point your long, V12 bonnet down an empty road and off you go. Just glorious noise and energy and good looks. Would you choose it over a train? If you read TopGear, of course. But like an old record player, the sleeper service is still a decent thing to have around. On the right night, in the right mood, you wouldn't have it any other way. Now, where are those Ferrari keys?

(Words: Dan Read and Piers Ward, Photos: Lee Brimble)