The Nissan Juke-R versus supercars

A course is decided. My spirits perk up. There isn't much space to play with, and what we have is all 90° bends and short second-gear straights. The slippery surface will suit the Juke-R, too. The high is only brief. It suddenly strikes me that, powerful though the Nissan is, the other three all have in the region of 80bhp more and weigh considerably less. Using the only measurement devices handy, I work out the Juke-R is also the tallest by three bunched fists, shortest by two size nines.

The start line beckons. I can't believe they all want to run against me at the same time. I have no idea how handy they are - do I make a fast start and try to outrun them, or start slow and try to pick them off during the five laps? There's only one approach worthy of the Juke-R - the no-holds-barred explosion to the first corner, a simultaneous demonstration of its attitude and traction.

(Words: Ollie Marriage, Photos: Lee Brimble)