The orange club: An F1 marshal's diary

You are furious, thinking this could easily have been averted had there been a caution sign to indicate the speed bump. You blame the highway authorities for their negligence, but by now, the damage is done.

Now, in that scenario, replace the highway with an F1 track and swap your new car with a 750bhp, V8 Formula One car. Imagine the results if an F1 car, screaming its way past the 1.2-km long back straight at the Buddh International Circuit hits an unmarked speed breaker at 300kph. Without a doubt, a disaster.

Of course, it’s highly unlikely something like this will happen. Not because of the lack of speed bumps on an F1 track, but because of the couple of hundred volunteers in bright orange jackets strategically posted along the entire track, to inform F1 drivers of track conditions at any given moment. These volunteers, also called track marshals, form the backbone of safety in motorsport events the world over.