The real Jeep: Jeep Wrangler

All I could hear was a little purr in the distance as it drove past, bouncing over rocks in the riverbed and almost skimming over the surface of the stream. The petrol burning ‘Go Devil’ engine still showing me a fair few of the sixty horses it originally punched out of its flathead motor. The Willys MB stood before me, all of seventy-five, a full head of silver, few rattly bones and dressed in olive green. It did not seem to have missed a single day of action in the time gone by as it moved around the little trail with absolute precision and light-footedness while looking every bit as cool as only a Jeep can.

Not much has changed over three-quarters of a century, well, not in the cool department anyway. The Wrangler, that Jeep launched a couple of months back in India, is every bit as cool and still sports the same basic silhouette as its ancestor did in 1941. I already like this playground, up in the hills of Nagaland, very much. The mist keeps rolling in to settle down for the night and the clouds seem to carry just enough moisture to water the trails in the evening, just to make sure they are that much more interesting when we decide to go trail hunting.

Words and photography: Debabrata Sarkar