The Superheroes: Mahindra XUV500, Super XUV500 and Big Foot

The Super XUV is the Mr Hyde of the 500 psyche, so obviously the way it thinks and behaves is miles from the stock car. It looks far better than a stocker – the motorsport wand always turns pumpkins into purposeful chariots, eh? Machines that choose function over form somehow look the best. The familiar face is attached to a body that’d look more at home on a Paris-Dakar stage. Sponsors’ stickers give it enough street(?)-cred, almost like tattoos inked to display a unifying commitment. And red wheels. Awesome.

Most of the body panels, including the hood and tailgate, have been replaced with lighter fibreglass ones. Everything superfluous has been ripped off and tossed away and as a result, the Super XUV has lost 150+kg, putting it closer to the cheetah the XUV claims to be inspired by. The cabin is a dark cave containing two six-point-harness rally seats, a substantial roll cage and a fire extinguisher, among the other things that make up a rally driver’s office desk.