The TopGear Delhi Auto Expo 2014 preview

As this piece of text is being composed, the countdown ticker on the Auto Expo website reads "12 days, 16 hours, 42 minutes". Yes, we're now just a little over a week away from what will be the largest, grandest, most swanky Delhi Auto Expo of them all.

And no, it's not just the change in venue that's making all the difference - it's the volume of car manufacturers of the world are bringing some new, and some not-so-new concepts to the party. Just what is everyone bringing to the Delhi Auto Expo this year is what we've listed out for you here. Go on, help yourself. We know you want to.


Let's kickstart the list with the Ingolstadt-based maker of the RS5. Audi's started 2014 by launching the suave RS7 Sportback, and inaugurating a new dealership in Nashik. Now, it is drawing out its first trump card for the year by displaying the new A3 sedan at the Expo. It's a car everyone's been looking forward to, the mini-A4, or the affordable Audi three-box is what is its USP. Apart from that, Audi will bring along the RS7, some special editions of the Q range of SUVs (including an SQ5, which is essentially a hotted-up Q5, though we don't know yet if it's the petrol or the diesel that Audi will be showing here), the R8 V10 plus Spyder and the LeMans-conquering 2012 R18 e-tron quattro.