The TopGear Delhi Auto Expo 2014 preview


Mercedes too has had a great start this year. It launched the all-new S-Class, 125 units of which were sold even before the launch actually took place. At the Expo, M-B is showing its new, super-stylish compact sedan, the CLA. Only that this is not your stock CLA, it's the one that's been to the dark chambers of AMG. The CLA45 is a proper, proper four-door coupe that goes like stink. That aside, Merc will launch the armoured version of the M-Class, called the 'M Guard', and will also show the AMG Petronas 2013 F1 car. And before you ask, yes, it will also showcase the GLA. However, you'll be as disappointed to know as we are that this is the Concept GLA that Merc's putting up on display here, and not the actual, finished product. Why would you do that, Mercedes?