Thirteen Paganis tour through Italy

Behind are Horacio's sons, customers and friends, single-file - just - in a boisterous lineage of his creations. There's an original C12, a Zonda F, the roadster version of the same car and a very rare Cinque Roadster looking positively common in the company of the one-off Zonda HH. To top it off, there's a contemporary Huayra straight from the Mille Miglia rally (hence the geographical paint job).

This part of Tuscany is having a glamorous month. Barely two weeks ago, 350 Lamborghinis shook this year's vintage of grapes from their stalks as they raucously snaked their way through Chianti. Now Pagani is doing the same. But this isn't a ‘my supercars are louder and more exotic than yours' salute to Sant'Agata. It's a homecoming, an opportunity for owners, the whole Pagani family and potential customers from around the world to get together and enjoy their cars. It's also turning a small proportion of Italy a little bit mental.