This Ford GT '66 Heritage Edition is pretty superb

Last week, Ford won its class at Le Mans with the new GT. The car, and Ford’s return to Le Mans, owe their existence to the company’s original win in 1966, which saw the no.2 GT40 MkII winning the 24-hour race at the hands of Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon.

So it’s perhaps with a touch of inevitability that a special edition like the one above has landed. Albeit wonderful, glorious inevitability; just look at it. If you have eyes, we’re going to wager they’re enjoying the car in this gallery.

That car is the Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition, and the recipe behind its creation is quite simple: take one, 2017 Ford GT, and add one, 1966 livery to it.

The exterior is painted Shadow Black – in your choice of matt or gloss (we prefer the latter) – with silver stripes and exposed carbon bits. There are no.2 graphics, while the wheels get a gold satin clearcoat.

It’s a colour scheme that continues inside, with gold detailing contrasting with plentiful Ebony black leather, while the seatbelts get blue webbing to match that 1966 hero. There will be limited numbers – though how many is unclear – with the de rigueur numbered plaque to show off to onlookers where yours sits in the run.

The price premium has not been confirmed, but then neither has the cost of a standard Ford GT, but Rs 3.60 crore-plus has been suggested. Worth it for something that looks this good?

Words: Stephen Dobie