This is the world’s toughest chauffeur

Dohrmann likes his cars, too. Likes his cars enough to drive all the way from Cape Town to Munich in a battered Mitsubishi Pajero a few years back. Just him and a friend, 17,702 kilometres in four weeks. A gang of bandits tried to hijack the Pajero on the Serengeti, driving their herd of cows across the road before attacking with machetes. He saw them off.

Back in Cape Town, we spirit anonymously through downtown, Dohrmann demonstrating a spooky ability to evade any traffic jams, roadworks or snarl-ups. All part of the job. Before delivering said VIP from swanky downtown hotel to airport, he will run the entire route alone the day before, scouting the roads for potential hazards. "I'm looking out for problem zones," he says. "Where are the traffic jams? Say there are roadworks, I'm looking for the construction tent. Or a police stop zone. Is it a real policeman?"

Though he always carries a gun, he's never used it in anger in South Africa. "I've never had to shoot. If you're well educated, you shouldn't need to use a weapon." Another Hollywood cliché smashed. Oh, and that car-chase scene where the driver leans out the window with a gun and neatly blows out the tyres of the car in front? Again, mighty unlikely. "I'm good with a gun," he says. "But when I tried firing one while driving, I shot out my own mirror twice."