This is what Kimi does on his day off

Look up. That's Kimi Räikkönen. He's having a day off in Belgium. By ripping around on a motocross bike.

Far from spending his in-season off-time tending to the flowers or immersing himself in a good book, Mr Räikkönen enjoys nothing more than flying through the air on a machine that carries with it a propensity to reconfigure his limb structure.

But of course, Kimi knows what he's doing. Obviously. In fact, he really knows what he's doing, because he's actually a massive motocross fan. A few years ago, he founded his own motocross team called Ice1Racing, competing in MX1 and MX2 GP races.

"I have always wanted to ride motocross more than anything," the famously garrulous helmsmith said at the time. "It was my dream when I was a kid. The thought of owning a team has grown along the years."

Owning a team also brings with it the added bonus of being able to rock up and grab a hotride on company machinery. Click through to see Kimi rip it up in Belgium last week, before he had to rejoin the rat race and head to the office. Which in his case was the Shanghai circuit, and his Lotus F1 car. Tough life.

(Words: Vijay Pattni, Photos: Ice1Racing)