This is what the new Aston Lagonda looks like

Usually, when a new car is to be revealed to the world, car manufacturers choose to do it themselves. On this occasion, though, Aston Martin's newest four-door, the for-Sheiks-only Lagonda super saloon, has been revealed by Oman Air.

For a car that's going to be sold "by invitation only" to the rich and wealthy of the Middle East, it is a bit discreet, innit? It is a fairly different-looking creation from the Rapide, but it's safe to assume that underneath the new bodywork, it is still very much a Rapide.

This one's a pre-production example that's been flown over to Muscat for heat-testing, and once that's done, it'll be sent back to Gaydon, where Aston will produce a few more of these, depending on the number of cheques it receives from its elite clientele in the Gulf.

That's all we know for now. Click on to see more pictures, and in the meantime, tell us: what do you think will be included on the options list? Pure gold dash inlays? Jewelled switches? Whale penis leather?

(Words: Amaan Ahmed)