This is your 2017 Formula 1 grid

If there’s one way to grab headlines, it’s to go all out. Faster. Wider. Louder. Harder.

And it seems that the 2017 Formula 1 Championship wants some headlines. The cars will be faster, wider, louder and harder to drive, say the higher-ups at Formula 1, and it’s an assertion that’s been backed up by the teams and the drivers.

In case you missed it, the big changes aren’t engine-related; it’s all about mechanical and aerodynamic grip. In layman’s terms, the tyres are much wider, the cars are much wider and there’s a lot more downforce than last year as a result.

The rules are, predictably, quite stringent, but that hasn’t stopped the teams from coming up with unique designs that mean that, finally, you’ll be able to tell the cars apart from a distance.

But what do they look like in the metal? Well, let’s have a run through the grid.