Top Gear's guide to the Audi 90 Quattro IMSA GTO

Never mind. Audi switched to the IMSA series instead, and set about creating an all-new tubular steel spaceframe, clothed in a body that resembled the 90 quattro but only if you’d smoked some peyote and/or consumed your body weight in strong liquor. This was, and remains, one of the most fearsome looking racing cars ever, which is why it’s here in TG’s coolest 50. We also like the fact that it effectively shoe-horned the gizzards of the highly successful world rally car – and Rohrl’s Pike’s Peak ’87 record-setting monster – into a silhouette track car. Remember, back then Audi was still something of a niche concern, for whom the endurance racing and Le Mans-slaying dream was still a decade or more away. (In fact, the brand was battling the consequences of an ‘unintended acceleration’ US market recall scandal at the time.)