TopGear chats to Mizuno-san: Mr GT-R

"Oversteer is foolish," he says. "Only foolish people develop that. Actual grip car, only a clever engineer can develop. A car that makes the maximum tyre grip, it is not dangerous. Car has two jobs: one is ecology, to make a better future. It is important to enjoy a high-performance car, but it is more important to keep a life. Tyre grip is better than maximum engine torque. All customers can enjoy this supercar drive! All customers can easily enjoy 500bhp and accelerate to 100kph in three seconds! Anyone, anywhere, anytime can enjoy this. Other cars, only a special development engineer can enjoy them..."

That's Mizuno-san: provider of near-Bugatti-Veyron levels of performance and exhilaration at a fraction of the price. Possibly the craziest car engineer I've ever met, and certainly one of the most brilliant. Though even that, it turns out, might be wide of the mark.

"I am like the painter who keeps painting, in search of the perfect picture, until he dies. The GT-R is the same as an artist painting a picture. Nothing is ever perfect, but we must carry on. Takumi mind has no set target."