TopGear drives the Aston One-77

Hit the R button on the dashtop, and reverse with extreme caution, aware that several people - including the owner Mr Al Ketbi - are watching intently. Probably because very few people have actually seen a One-77 out in the wild. Unfortunately, I can't drive it properly just yet, because photos have to be taken, lest this whole endeavour become a featureless novella. So I pop the door and step out to take a closer look. Which proves to be a mistake. The issue, for those of you unfamiliar with Dubai in July, is the weather.

It's roughly one o'clock in the afternoon, and the sun isn't so much shining as jackhammering out of the sky like a dirty orange laser. Step from the ubiquitous icy aircon of any car or building, and it hits with weight and severity. The atmosphere trying to beat you to death with a hot felt mallet. It's humid, too, filling your lungs with cotton wool and making it hard to commit to any sort of open-air industry. We haven't even really started, and Justin already looks part-roasted. He is wearing a large hat, a green cravat and some sort of close-fitting long-sleeved black undershirt that he insists will wick sweat away from his body. Charlie and I, skin puckering and crispy in T-shirts and shorts, are convinced he is going to die.