TopGear drives the Aston One-77

No time to waste, though - now we have a One-77, we shall have a story, even if we have to parboil friends to get it. Luckily, this most extreme of Astons isn't short of angles, or detail. The internal brief was to create an Aston Martin that pushed the boundaries of what the public knows of the brand, to ‘create a car closer to art than the automobile', according to its designer and Aston's director of design Marek Reichman. To create the fastest, most extreme and technically advanced Aston to date, and to poke around the edges of technology and design that might influence future models.

The conceit wasn't taken lightly. Up close, the One-77 is blatantly exotic, but strangely familiar, the Aston Martin meme threaded through something bigger and more aggressive than we're used to, though strip the badges off, and you'd still be in no doubt as to its lineage. The bonnet is very long, the stance cab-rearward, the shoulders broad and powerful. At a hair's breadth under two metres, excluding those sticky-out mirrors, it's ever so slightly wider than a Bugatti Veyron, but carries its visual bulk more gracefully. The Bug has a stolid, engineered look to it, while the Aston, with its flared nostrils, wasp waist and bunched rear wheelarches looks bred. More organic.