TopGear drives the DeltaWing

The day before the race, the drivers put on Batman costumes for the gridwalk, which tells you a) Deltawing is clearly aware of the visual link, and b) that it doesn't take itself too seriously. Not that it's possible to take yourself seriously when your car looks like a reimagined dragster or some radical Bonneville straight-liner. What it doesn't look anything like is a car designed to go round a track. No, just no. Triangles don't work.

But then Bowlby gives me the full tour, and it's nothing less than riveting. The science that underpins his brainchild is refreshingly easy to understand, at least up to a point. It's all about matching tyre grip to weight distribution. It won't surprise you to learn Deltawing ain't exactly front-heavy, something Bowlby proves by squatting at the nose cone and lifting the front wheels of his 475kg racer off the ground. I try, but fail, then realise that even with a weight distribution of 28/72, there's still 133kg to lift. Bowlby is a lot stronger than he looks.