TopGear drives the DeltaWing

It also moves very naturally, with lovely balance and loads of feel. The Deltawing is so supple that I imagine it's an easy car to race, although both drivers later say the super-direct steering's lack of power assistance is a real workout. But, even so, this is not a car you have to make allowances for; Bowlby has created a car that bends the laws of physics to its own purpose.

The last couple of laps are wonderful. I'm getting used to the dips and swerves of Road Atlanta, and the Deltawing is so reassuring, at its best through quick, sweeping direction changes. It's approachable and fun, which is what I want it to be. But, more importantly, for the team and people involved, it works, it's fast and now it has proved itself. Congratulations, Deltawing, for having proved there's another way.

(Words: Ollie Marriage, Photos: Rowan Horncastle)