TopGear drives the Jaguar C-X75

We were always expecting - hoping - to be driving the C-X75 in different circumstances from this. And not only better weather (though you see it here in the sun at TG's own test track, for the big speeds I drove it at Jaguar's test facility at Gaydon). The company built five C-X75s to test and prove the technology and check this amazing hypercar was suitable for production. In 2011, the firm announced a run of 250 of them at a price of about Rs 7 crore. As a rival to the LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918, it'd have made a quarter of the very mother and father of group tests. But at the end of last year, part way through that development programme, in the tension of this four-way face-off of hypercar giants, Jaguar blinked first, concluding that in a fragile world economy there wouldn't be enough buyers for them all. The production car was, as the official coinage euphemised, "indefinitely suspended".