TopGear drives the Lambo Gallardo STS in Italy

We've paused to do some frantic map consultation. Lamborghini has given us an exclusive distance-limited drive of the car it calls the "most extreme model in the Gallardo line-up", and I've taken a gamble on a couple of hundred kilometres of dullish autostrada in search of interesting kinks in the road. You might think that 600km sounds like a lot, but it inevitably feels like too little. There's also the added complication that now I can't - quite - seem to find the swaggering bit of tarmac that looked so inviting on Google Earth. Extra painful, because every kilometre spent commuting reduces the time I can spend doing fun stuff. Looking up, I remember another important fact: chuck in the minor gravity of a supercar in town, and, before too long, you'll draw a bit of crowd.