TopGear meets the DeltaWing

The Internet to explain that it wouldn't, couldn't work. AccoThis news may shock the thousands of armchair engineers who, when the Nissan DeltaWing was unveiled in London last month, logged on to rding to The Laws of Physics (subsection 1:0:1), they said the DeltaWing would cope with corners like a Reliant Robin in the hands of our own Jeremy Clarkson. They said it would fall over. But it doesn't.

"It's completely counterintuitive," grins DeltaWing designer Ben Bowlby, clocking my bemused expression as the car negotiates another Sebring complex at formidable pace. "It challenges your knowledge of what a race car is." A genial Brit and former Lola and IndyCar designer, Bowlby is possessed of (a) brilliant eyebrows, (b) undeniable engineering genius and (c) the relentless enthusiasm required to bring a project like this from beer-mat scribble to reality.