TopGear On Ice: Lambo Aventador

This is not quite consequence-free drifting, but the chances of causing fatal damage are mitigated into inconsequentiality. You might snap a few bits off, but you're unlikely to turn the Aventador's carbon tub into a hexagon-themed coffin. This tempts you into pushing a little bit harder and exploring the LP700-4's limits a little bit more thoroughly, doing stuff you'd never, ever, dare do, even on a racetrack.

So, third gear from the seven-speed ISR 'box, ESP off, Corsa mode. A quick jab of throttle and the Lambo slews sideways and keeps going, making a noise like a lion roaring into a pillow, seemingly with no input from the front wheels. But add a little throttle and the nose is gently flicked back into shape just as you think it's all over. You just have to trust and never give up. The 1,575kg of weight switchblades back over and you start to pray for the lock of a London cab, the 43/57 per cent front/rear distribution accelerating the flick and necessitating hand speed I've only ever seen on Bruce Lee DVDs. Which means that you have to rely on anticipation to keep the car heading in the right direction. And rhythm. Now, I do have rhythm, but it's the rhythm of a demented bear kept in a three-foot cage in a Taiwanese zoo. So I tended to use the snow banks to nudge the Aventador back into line. This is massively impressive to look at, presumably as long as you're not a Lamborghini PR person.