TopGear Speed Week: the super saloons

The Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series is beached, 50 yards off the side of the track, facing the wrong way in a field of long grass beyond Hammerhead. Tyres are strewn. Smoke is starting to rise from beneath the front left wheel. In the words of Dr J Clarkson, that's not gone well.

It is customary, in this situation, to blame some sort of catastrophic mechanical failure or interruption: tyre blow-out, brake failure, badger attack. But I am a man, of sorts, and therefore I must man up and admit it: the C63 Black Series is here because, approximately 12 seconds ago, I suffered a spectacular shortage in the oversteer talent department and found myself, in the wincing blink of an eye, transformed from Hammerhead Drift Hero into Foolish Man Travelling Backwards Over Grass At 65kph.