's best of April 2013

May is here and so is the scorching Mumbai summer. At this point we usually are presented with two options – look forward to the monsoons or reminisce about the past. While we do that, let's take a look at the content that you, the TopGearhead, liked the most. Or at least enough to make it soar in our page stats. We start with...

Most popular review in April - Honda Amaze

Honda's first diesel entry in the Indian market and also a very viable budget sedan. Honda has clearly hit the right note with the Indian buyer, once again. Here's what reviewer Agasti Kaulgi had to say...

"The Amaze gets the right recipe for a compact sedan with a long enough list of features, decent comfort and good driving dynamics. Honda’s first diesel for India doesn’t disappoint in any way and packs enough juice for your needs. Just hope Honda doesn’t spoil the fun with long waiting periods."

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