's best of April 2013

Most popular car news in April - DC Design Duster

Not that the Renault Duster was a bad looking car by any means, but DC's modifications make it look like... umm, Robocop, while giving it the signature matte finish. Don't blame us, you guys apparently loved it. Here's a snippity-snip from our report...

"The front is where all the action is, with DC chucking the Duster's standard chrome grille, headlamps and bumper into the trash can. Replacing them are a brand new bumper with a larger airdam, chrome-enclosed dual foglamps, and a front fascia that looks a bit…cyborg-ish. There are no headlamps to speak of, with two strings of daytime-running lights stuck in their place. Its looks are not its weakness, a refreshing change for a DC product."

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