's best of May 2013

Good news! The hottest month of the year is behind us now, and we are looking forward to the dark, photogenic clouds that June will bring us. But it wasn't just the weather that scorched the month of May. Take a look at the articles that burned down our servers with your clicks...

Most popular review in May - Ford EcoSport

Yes we know all of you are looking forward to the EcoSport launch this month. But we did get a lot of hands-on time with the car and thus we had separate reviews for the petrol and the diesel variant. Here's what TG Editor, Girish Karkera had to say in his review of the diesel EcoSport...

"In diesel guise, the EcoSport is a light-footed wonder. The needle on the speedo goes through the range in a hurry. It does 130kph in no time and without a fuss, which is a good thing for our highways."

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