TopGear’s Range Rover Evoque vs Scotland

The second thing I've noticed is that some people subsequently pull a sour little face, purse their lips and announce: "Yeah, but it's not a proper Land Rover, is it?" Which really started to annoy me. The Evoque, being actually quite small and more obviously road-biased, doesn't fit so easily with people's warmly entrenched view of the brand basics. It's not square. It's not particularly big. It doesn't come with big engines, and the options list doesn't include a winch fitting. Victoria Beckham (gasp!) did a special edition. You'd think Land Rover had rebranded a Suzuki Cappuccino. The Evoque is not an Aston Martin Cygnet moment. Still, it got me thinking. I wonder just how far the Evoque has wandered from the go-anywhere Land Rover foundation. Is the Evoque, after all my protestations to the contrary, all mouth and no plus fours?

Which is how we ended up here. On the Atholl Estate in Highland Perthshire, Scotland. The estate dates back to the 13th century, and is probably most famous for the fairytale white frontage of Blair Castle, but I'm much more interested in the 145,000 acres of wild countryside that the castle calls its back garden. The aim is to find out whether the Evoque can really get you somewhere on the road - or lack of one - less travelled. Photographer Leighton has decided that he'd like to "beat the Beckham" out of the Evoque, cleanse its softcore PR image with some good old-fashioned Land Rover hardship. Well, I'm happy to forge my Evoque's reputation. Consider Scotland the anvil. I'll be the hammer.