TopGear’s Range Rover Evoque vs Scotland

And then, after what seems like days, we make one final push to the top of the ridgeline at Glen Bruar, up a slope you'd find hard to walk up, and the Evoque pops out on top, bracketed by the brightest rainbow I have ever seen. It might not be as capable off-road as a Defender, but it's not supposed to be. It might have a few showy bits of plastic that require modification, and it might not be the car you'd use for a hardcore expedition. But for a car so brilliant on-road, the extent of the Evoque's ability off it is quietly astounding. Looking back down the glen, you can see the vastness, the roads we didn't use, and have to wonder what it takes to be a proper Land Rover. Because from where I'm sitting, this feels like it.

(Words: Tom Ford, Photos: Justin Leighton)