TopGear's ultimate Jaguar F-Type road test

The Jaguar F-Type has arrived. Perhaps the most eagerly awaited car of the year. A sports car Britain can be proud of. And, being greedy, we have all three of them: the base V6, the V6S and the V8S. F-Types, in triplicate. And we're off on a red, white and blue procession through the Highlands in search of scenery and answers.

We have some answers already. Sam Philip, Paul Horrell and I have each spent the weekend in an F-Type, driving the 600 kilometres up to Edinburgh on the Sunday evening. The lack of bootspace has annoyed everyone, especially as our cars carry optional space-savers, meaning anything bigger than a Tupperware container has had to travel in the passenger footwell. Road noise is less well insulated than we're used to from Jags, surface sensitivity is increased and they've proved reasonably economical. The V8S has averaged 10.8kpl on the long haul up, the greater and lesser V6s 11.2 and 11.5kpl respectively. Now they're up here, those figures will fall dramatically, the V8 falling furthest and fastest. You'll get 8.5kpl from it. We, er, didn't.